Now versus then

It’s not that who I was is all bad. But when I compare who God has molded me into over the past few years versus who I was before, I’m so grateful for who I am now.

It helps me to appreciate changes in myself when people verbalize what they see in me now. A few days ago, a friend of about 14 years sent me a message telling me that “you’re much healthier than maybe I’d expected back in the day.” It encouraged me to know that someone with more objectivity than I have sees a different Bethany than I once was, particularly someone who met me at one of the lowest points in my life.

It also challenges me to be brave enough to say similar things to my friends when given the opportunity. This morning as I edited a document for a life-long friend (really, someone I’ve known longer than anyone else besides my family), I took a few minutes in my reply to put some gratitude for that person in writing. It’s one thing to think about how much I appreciate people. It’s another to tell them. It might make a huge difference when I tell people that I’m grateful for them and take the time to explain why.

Even if it doesn’t amount to much for them, it changes me.

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  1. THANK YOU! I needed that!
    That cracks me up about Joel, but I’m glad you could see something of God in me even when I didn’t see so much of it in myself. And I’m grateful for the evolution that’s occurred inside and out; it won’t stop, so don’t worry.
    I do the same with people like you–elevator people. Some people bring you up, and those people are worth having in your life.

  2. Bethany, I remember the very first time I saw you was at Fred’s Fish House, my very first job. You were having dinner with Joel Goodin, a fellow classmate of mine. I was bussing tables and I think I even made a comment to you and him and asked if you were dating or not LoL. I have no clue whatever happened to Joel, but I have kept in touch with you ever since. There’s just “something” about you that is special and resonates positivity and love. I do my best to keep those people around, because rarely do you meet someone like that.

    That must have been almost 15 years ago, and i’ve observed positive change in you. I almost would say you have “evolved” into the awesome person you are today. I could go on and on about it, but i’ll keep this short and simple, as it would be bad manners of me to make my comment post longer than the actual blog itself!

    Keep on keepin on!

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