Amazing grace

Special thanks to today’s guest writer, Shelli White, of

As I sit here at my church answering phone call after phone call from people in my community needing assistance with food and clothing, I think, “Goodness! Can’t I catch a break? I have a lot of work to complete for our media team.” For a moment, I sit in silence. This is my break! I look around me, and think back to a couple of years ago when I was that person on the other end of the line. When I truly asked for God’s grace, it was given with no hesitations and no conditions.

My family and my church gave me every tool I needed to pull myself back up from a very dark place in my life, and they wanted nothing in return. They simply shared with me what they had……. God’s Amazing Grace! There is no doubt in my mind you have heard the song, but have you truly experienced the song? It’s much more fulfilling than words could ever describe! If taking these 10 phone calls can change just one person’s life in the way my life has changed, then that’s exactly why I am here. I’m not just here to schedule, plan, and send out emails; I’m here to inspire and change lives.

I get to go home this evening, open my closet door, and look at my shoes. But I look at them completely differently now. When I see my multiple pairs of shoes, I am thinking, “Which shoes can I donate to a person who needs them more than I do?”

I encourage you to open that door, not only for yourself, but for those around you in need. Pay for someone else’s gas before they get to the checkout, or buy food for that person standing behind you in the McDonald’s line. Better yet, pick up your phone and call that person who is in a dark place and offer true, selfless friendship. Not only will it change their lives, but it will change yours, too! God’s Amazing Grace can move mountains to let light shine on those dark places. Let Him shine through you so that you can experience more than just a song.



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