I get by with a little help from my friends

Stacie de Klerk, undisputed, is one of the kindest people I know. I don’t know a single  person on the face of the planet who dislikes her. She’s the epitome of gentle, patient, and compassionate.

I met her when I worked as a technical writer for a few years. At work, she was somewhat quiet and never spoke ill of anyone and rarely complained about anything. In her personal life, she does the same. She has amazing artistic abilities and uses those gifts to help others. I believe God has blessed her with one of the most beautiful spirits I’ve ever encountered, and I’m grateful she’s my friend.

When I asked Stacie to contribute something for the Daily Dose of Gratitude blog, she immediately and without any hesitation thought of someone else who could benefit. That’s just who Stacie is.

So at Stacie’s request, I’m asking everyone who reads this blog to click on the link below to read Stacie’s friend Debbie’s story of loss, love, and life, and to consider helping in whatever way you can.


P.S. She might kill me for doing this, but you just have to see how beautiful my friend Stacie is, too :).

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