Take off your grumpy pants

This morning was one of those mornings, for lots of reasons.

a) I forgot to put on deodorant. I prefer not to stink out my students and co-workers, so I stopped at the gas station to buy deodorant. It smells like old lady perfume.

b) I have still not finished my first cup of coffee. This equals big time lack of cognizant activity for me, as well as grumposaurusness.

c) I feel behind at work. I LOVE working part-time. The only down side is that when I come back after several days of not working, I feel overwhelmed at the number of urgent emails and don’t have time to respond or deal with it all in the midst of actually doing my job.

d) I didn’t sleep well, and I went to bed with a sour taste in my mouth about some things I felt offended by last night. Nothing major, but you know, sometimes you just get your feelings hurt!

e) I found out yesterday that I’m going to have a suspicious spot on my face surgically removed and biopsied. It’s probably nothing serious, and I know what to expect with the procedure after working for my doctor and assisting in the same procedures, but it’s a little unsettling.

So, this morning, I’m tired, lacking coffee, afraid of the future, still sorting through hurt feelings, and feeling overwhelmed.

Combine all those things, and I MIGHT have a crappy day if I don’t do what I know works.

Be grateful. Focus on the gifts God’s given me. Focus on the jokes on the Laffy Taffy wrapper that my co-worker brought to me. Focus on the people who stop by my office just to say hi because we’ve developed a real relationship in a short period of time. Focus on how my students are REALLY doing, and don’t rush through the appointment just to make my job a little easier. Focus on the unexpected phone call I got from the most wonderful Lizard in the world. These are all things to be grateful for! I choose my attitude, and the grumposaurus is going to have to go.

Now, excuse me while I go refill my coffee cup…


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