Tony Robbins

Thanks again to Henry Petty for being a regular guest writer on the Daily Dose of Gratitude blog!

I was watching one of my favorite life coaches, Tony Robbins, being featured on Oprah’s “Mastery” classes on the OWN network.  Robbins is someone I’ve followed, read heavily his books, and listened to his tapes for the past decade.  This gave me inspiration about today’s piece on gratitude.

While antiquing at the Goodwill, I happened upon the entire tape set to “Personal Power II” for a whopping $4.00.  Although the tapes were put out in the early 90’s, I am taking away a lot from them that apply to dealing with today’s life obstacles.  I’m also grateful that I never upgraded the tape deck in my 99 Chevy Lumina.

Robbins teaches to truly be successful is to be grateful for what you have.  To achieve true gratitude, help someone else out who has it worse than you.  This will give you a true understanding of how great you have it!

Unfortunately, the previous owner of the tapes didn’t take advantage of them.  I discovered nearly 1/3 of the tapes still had their factory seal on them and had never been opened.  Daily, we are given gifts and advice, but we squander it by never taking advantage of those.  We aren’t grateful for those gifts.

What gifts of advice have you received that you have failed to show gratitude for by not applying them or utilizing them?  Will they, along with those workout DVDs you bought in January, end up in a future yard sale?  Or will you truly show your gratitude and use them for their original purpose – to help you?

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