What I’m really grateful for is not just the things on the list–I’m grateful that God orchestrates all these things perfectly in my life.

Just wheat: Only what matters

If you haven’t read my original 2012 bucket list, you might want to check it out before reading this post.

For those of you who regularly follow my blog, I thought I’d provide an update to the list so you’d all know that I’m working on it; I really am!

1)      Unfortunately, I have not been able to convince any cement mixer drivers or owners to allow me to operate the truck or even pull the lever releasing the concrete. However, I did convince James to let me pull the level on his friend’s cement mixer when they pour the foundation for the parking pad and sun room we’ll be adding on in the future. So I don’t know when, but it seems that this one’s going to happen!

2)      I’m halfway through my first semester of graduate school, and I currently have all A’s and am fully enjoying…

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