Just had to share our gratitude and joy with everyone possible!

Just wheat: Only what matters

It’s official.

I’m pregnant.


I’ve joked about this for years. I know it’s sadistic, but it cracked me up to tell people I was pregnant, wait a few seconds, and then say, “Just kidding!”

Last year on April 1st, I found a maroon crayon at work and tried to color in the “pregnant” dot on a pregnancy test (I worked for a physician at the time).

I thought about waiting a few weeks, thinking this would be the BEST April Fool’s joke ever, but decided against it.

Because it’s totally true. Very real. Miraculous. Breathtaking.

And I am seriously grateful.

Do we have a financial plan in place? Absolutely not. Did this happen according to our agenda? No way. Are there moments when I feel completely overwhelmed? For sure. Have I read all the scientific studies regarding pregnancy and child rearing? Not quite. Do I dread delivering a baby…

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