The baby pictures made me laugh, but there really is some great food for thought here. What if every time we thought about saying something negative, we took a moment to think of something positive to say instead? The world would be a better place.


It may be because I’m a small town girl, but I wonder sometimes when people began to be so callous with each other and what happened to courtesy and kindness. Television sitcoms and “reality” shows seem to prove that conversation has become all about one-upmanship, flinging smart remarks back and forth, and ridiculing others. I’m so grateful to have friends who build each other up and encourage one another. It’s refreshing to be able to give and receive a breath of life through an encouraging word. Everyone needs inspiration now and again. We all need to be reminded that we’re doing well, that we will survive whatever we may be going through, and that we can laugh at ourselves and with each other often because it brings healing. My husband won’t leave a checkout line until the clerk is laughing. I experiment with what happens when I am the only…

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  1. Hahahah i saw some funny maternity t-shirts at hot topic yesterday but the only one without bad language said,”If THIS is my family then i’m not coming out!” hahaha

    I always wondered why people are such ducks to each other. We have become a society where it’s cool to berade your fellow man/woman. I went to a concert yesterday to support a good friends’ musical passion, and have fogot how I loathe the bar scene – I call it “being in adult situations”. Lots of drinking, cursing, people trying to be cool, etc. It’s not my bag. I could never really get into it, who knows. i”m rambling.

    1. I feel ya. I really love feeling good, positive, encouraged, happy, peaceful, excited. Just not when those things are mixed in with having to put somebody else down to lift myself up, or even listening to other people do that. It turns me off, a lot.

  2. I agree with you Bethany…..I believe it is so important to make the effort of responding to our fellow man with thought, love, and grace… respond the way God would want us to… wonder it takes less time and effort to respond without these things right?

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