That’s a really nice tie!

“That’s a really nice tie!”

Before delivering a speech to the largest live audience I’ve ever had of over 3,000, someone paid a compliment on the red necktie I was wearing with my suit.  In the midst of my anxiety, nervousness, and heart palpitations, this put me at at ease.  Other people wished me well, and someone even said they had prayed for me the night before.

As far as my speech went, I blew through it with ease and only stumbled over a couple of words.

I wasn’t fishing for the kind gestures, but they certainly put me at ease.  There’s something to getting that nod of acceptance that goes a long way.  I would much rather receive a hand shake and a pat on the back than some trinket, plaque, or monetary award (although the latter certainly helps).  In what ways have you been comforted by compliments or paid one to someone else?  They may have had more impact on that person than you think.

For some odd reason, I replied to the one who complimented me on my necktie,”Thanks, I got it from JCPenney.”


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