Your story defines you

Thank you, Henry Petty, for serving as today’s guest contributor and stepping in so  kindly for me repeatedly the past few weeks!

Watching Oprah’s Life Class with Tony Robbins last night was quite the treat.  Robbins spoke to a lady who was depressed because her business failed, and she resented her three kids and husband because, in her mind, to truly be happy she had to have a business, and that defined her.

Robbins told her that, “Your story defines you, and you must break away from that.”

My “story” was always caring for Grandma as a young adult, struggling with defining myself and having a life of my own while taking care of her.  When she passed away, I was forced to change that story, and now I’m drafting a new book for myself.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to toss my “story” and continue writing completely off the pages.

*Check out Henry’s blog for more!*

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