Thanks to Henry Petty, guest writer.

I am truly grateful for the sight that the Lord has blessed me with.

Through my eyes, I have seen so many things and the beauty of this world and the people in it.

Recently, I saw a rainbow that God blessed us with which absolutely moved me.  In San Diego, my eyes saw the serenity of Coronado beach.  I took in the clean sky and endless ocean that went on almost seemingly forever.

These eyes have seen a multitude of concerts, celebrities, TV shows and too many Monday nights of wrestling that I care to admit publicly.

These eyes have read many fantastic books that have filled my mind and spirit with knowledge and ideas, and some questions.

These eyes are worthy of the pounds of carrots used to make carrot juice to keep them healthy.  If I had a choice of keeping one of my senses, sight would be the one I’d keep (sorry ears).

When my eyes match up with the sight in my heart, the feeling is overwhelming.  I am truly grateful.

For more by Henry, check out his blog.

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