Sunshine award

Thank you, Truthlets & Thoughtbits, for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!

The Rules are as follows:

1.  Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.

2.  Answer the questions below or write 7 interesting things about yourself.

3.  Pass on the award to 7 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

The Sunshine Award honors bloggers who bring a little bit of positivity and sunshine into the lives of others. I’m honored to get the award and pleased to pass it on to a few others whose blogs inspire me.

So before I list the seven interesting things about myself, here are the Sunshiny bloggers I’d like to recognize:

1) Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications. Always inspiring and urges me to think about ways I can live a more adventurous life.

2) Henry Petty, a long time friend and fellow blogger, who guest writes for me frequently. I’m very grateful for him!

3) Planting Potatoes, a great blog by someone who is thoughtful and encouraging to others.

4) Teresa Burns Murphy, who is not actually a blogger, but who is an amazing writer who occasionally posts on Daily Dose of Gratitude.

5) Sarah Klesko of Truthlets & Thoughtbits, who nominated me, but who is also always inspiring me by things she writes.

6) Paul Mark Sutherland of GYA today. His blog is highly motivational and always positive.

7) All the friends, loved ones, and wonderful people who’ve stepped in as guest writers for me when asked and have shared their gratitude with others via Daily Dose of Gratitude.

And now, seven interesting facts about myself:

1) I started blogging at the suggestion of my friend Samantha Hartley, who owns Enlightened Marketing. She suggested I start a personal blog, and that someday I might find myself returning to a common theme. Then I’d know what to focus on. For me, it was gratitude.

2) I will be having my first baby in November.

3) I love taking photographs of nature, particularly of small things and tiny miracles we often overlook.

4) I’m a graduate student pursuing my Master’s degree in English.

5) I was the first ever bus girl at a local fish house back in the 90s.

6) I have nine siblings.

7) I’m completely in love with Jesus Christ.

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