Not “for granted” anymore!

I used to only feel nauseous when I had a stomach virus, the flu, carsickness, or maybe an intense migraine.

When I got pregnant, I began feeling nauseous almost all day every day. I occasionally have brief moments of time when I can breathe and move without feeling uncomfortable, nauseous, and irritated, but those are few and far between.

What I’ve noticed is that the content of my gratitude list has significantly changed as a result of this. I occasionally thanked God for “good health,” but I never thought to thank Him for the ability to eat almost anything without feeling disgusted by it. I didn’t think about feeling grateful for the option to sleep on my stomach at night. I never thought about saying “thank You” for my lack of acid reflux and indigestion. I guess I had my head stuck in the sand, oblivious to the myriad of blessings I was taking for granted.

The things I took for granted for so long have now become major items of gratitude for me. If I spend an entire hour without feeling sick, I feel like jumping up (or maybe standing up slooowwwly) and doing the happy dance in my office. If I am able to spend two hours on projects for grad school without having to take a break to lie down or take a Tums, I’m ecstatic.

How many other things in my life am I taking for granted, when in fact, I should be truly grateful for?

6 thoughts on “Not “for granted” anymore!

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  1. LOL this picture actually looks like it’s you! hahahaa i can see it now,”Hey, James, i’m about to upchunk and this would be a great photo for my blog, do you mind taking a quick picture?” hahaha

  2. i had a similar moment last Saturday before Easter Vigil Mass where my sinuses were draining and i had a big sinus headache and when the extra strength tylenol kicked in, i was grateful for not having a headach and not having to blow my nose or cough something up for an hour. hang in there you can kick its butt!

  3. I feel for you! 🙂 The closet I could say I have ever felt to what it must feel like to be going through what you are right now…….is when we had to go through the gas chamber in boot camp….and somehow, I don’t think I finished near as well as you are going to as a mother! 🙂 God’s blessings of good health to you!

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