Not-so-manic Mondays

Thanks for serving as today’s guest contributor, Henry Petty! For more from Henry, check out his blog and vlog.

While going up in the elevator at work this morning, it was a bit overcrowded and one person didn’t want to join us, yet there was clearly room for one more.

I chalk it up to either that person being claustrophobic or in a sour mood.  I guess we’ll never know.  As the elevator proceeded to rise, I said, “Well, I guess he’s missing on the PARTY CITY that’s going on in here!”  One person snickered as they stared at the elevator buttons highlighting each floor we were passing.

Mondays are a great way to refresh and get excited for the week that’s coming up and opportunities that we get to face.  For Mondays, I’m truly grateful.

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who hasn’t caught “A Case of the Mondays.”

Monday is just like any other day to me; it’s just how one chooses to see it that determines how good or bad it will turn out for him. When Monday rolls around, I’m ready to get after it!

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