So true–it’s spring, and seeing all the beautiful natural colors around me definitely enlivens me. So grateful for our colorful world!


I am SO grateful for the colorful world we live in!  (True, sometimes living in the Pacific Northwest after a particularly lengthy gray winter we forget about the vibrant beauty all around us, but then come the SUN BREAKS, ahhhh…)

On this particular day however, it’s not just the colors of the blooming tulips, daffodils, & delicate lacy cherry trees that are inspiring me.  In fact, just driving past a bunch of balloons announcing an open house on my way home this morning, and then catching the new Target ad with the acrobats descending from a hot air balloon to “color our world”  sent my soul soaring :-).  While I have always admired women who carry off the classic monochromatic beige or white ensemble (think Diane Keaton), my style has always been more …out there.  Nothing lifts my spirits like a sunny yellow top or a raspberry handbag!

In my view, bright bold…

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