So grateful I don’t have to remain in the grey any longer.

Just wheat: Only what matters

Lately, it seems like I’ve encountered multiple situations which have not presented me with an opportunity that is clearly black or white; instead, there seems to be an excess of grey matter floating around me.

In light of my pregnancy, I recently applied for government healthcare since I only work part-time and attend graduate school full-time. I felt sure I would qualify. However, I was denied Medicaid coverage because our assets exceed the limit. Basically, James owns his own truck, and it’s paid for. If we sold the truck, we would qualify. If he traded the truck in on a brand spanking new one which we could certainly not afford, we’d qualify. Does this make any sense to me? Absolutely not. Instead of rewarding American citizens for working hard to live below their means and pay debts down, the system seems to do the opposite. As a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen, I felt…

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  1. bethany,
    I too had the same experience trying to qualify for help after we had jadon. I had TONS of medical bills. Jadon required a special formula that was 25.00 a canister, not to mention everything else requred to take care of an infant. I also called everywhere checking to see if there was help to be offered for hard working citizens, and denied. One woman actually told me not to report my husbands income and then I would qualify. I was so upset, i called my mom as soon as I walked out and told her about the woman at the agency suggesting that I should lie. I tore up the forms and walked away. I am still shocked and wonder how many people who really need the money are turned away daily because so many do lie in those instances.
    Jadon will be 6 in two weeks and I just (this month) got our last hospital bill paid for. I am so happy.

    1. Leia, it’s good to know there are other people who aren’t willing to bend and break the rules for the sake of saving money.
      I’m just not. Then I’d just be one of the people who drive me nuts :). I figure I’d rather go about things the long and hard way but be able to sleep well at night. I’m glad you guys got it paid off–I bet that DOES feel good!

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