I’m eternally grateful for my inability to control the love of God in me.

Just wheat: Only what matters

Many times in my life, tears of joy have streamed down my face uncontrollably.

Once, when I was watching Elizabeth, my stepdaughter, earn her yellow belt in Taekwondo, I found myself crying while watching other kids compete. The children grinned contagiously, pulling the joy out of every parent in the room. Mind you, I wasn’t watching Elizabeth compete yet; I was watching children I didn’t even know.

So why was I crying?

I can only suggest that sometimes the spontaneous love of God wells up in me, and it’s impossible to keep it in.

The same thing happened to me once while listening to a young orphan in China play his small violin for a group of visitors. We had just heard the story of how he lost his parents and came to live in the orphanage. He sat silently during the story, one tear sliding slowly down his cheek…

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