Living a Kit Kat life

Thankfully, I finished my first semester of graduate school with flying colors.

It reminds me of the way I felt as an undergrad during Christmas and summer breaks; I always felt like I’d just jumped off a train and couldn’t stop the forward momentum in my body. For the first few days, I had the eery sense that I should be doing something else–writing, reading, studying, something! But there was nothing else to do. So I finally rested.

Perhaps due to my pregnancy, or maybe as a result of age or maturity, I certainly have no problem jumping off the train now. The same night I finished my last final, it was an easy transition from desk to couch, popcorn in hand.

I remember many other times, when I was younger, driven to earn more money, and motivated by comparing myself to other people I graduated with, I frequently felt completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and tense because of the number of duties I’d willingly tossed onto my overflowing plate. But I kept saying “yes.” Volunteer for another fundraiser? Yes, please. Add one more social engagement to a calendar spilling over with obligations? Sure, no problem.

I’m grateful that today, I’m no longer motivated by the desire to earn more money, and I very rarely catch myself comparing Bethany to everyone else. I revel in the moments when I can do what I love. I live a Kit Kat kind of life, taking breaks when I need them and refusing to feel guilty for doing so. I create more of these moments by minimizing the number of times I say “yes,” making sure each of those times reflects not only a genuine desire to help but also is matched by a plentiful opening in my proverbial planner (I don’t even own a planner anymore, by the way).

It feels wonderful.

You should try it.

4 thoughts on “Living a Kit Kat life

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  1. Been there….done that – so much better now! I used to think that saying no meant that I was letting people down….I have now learned that by saying yes to more, I was indeed letting some down…..welcome to the club Bethany! 🙂

    1. Totally agree. I’ve become more and more of a minimalist the past few years and more able to understand the beauty of having just what you need rather than every single thing you want. And sometimes what it takes to get what you want, or what you trade for it, is not worth it in the end. Preaching to the choir, I know…

  2. I’m definitely going to have to try that. IT’s hard, through, because an Idel Henry is a bad thing LoL i’m pretty worthless if i’m not constantly busy. I need to work on that. I also struggle with kit kats, because i’m warm blooded, if i hold one too long before eating, it melts in my hands in under a minute

    1. Well, some people feel better and do better if they are busy all the time–that’s ok; it just doesn’t work well for me in terms of overall well-being and happiness.
      As far as the Kit Kat issue, I unfortunately cannot help you there :).

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