Paying it forward

*Thank you, Henry Petty, for serving as today’s guest contributor!*

One day, Bethany posted something on here from her friend, which led met to her post about a friend in need of trinkets and charms – it was a crafty web site, definitely man-card revocable content.  Anyways, I responded by getting a neat angel trinket from a small Christian supplies store up the street from where I worked and mailing it to the address as requested.

Fast forward a couple of months later . . .

This package arrives on my doorstep much to my surprise and shock:

Because Bethany’s friend has a crafty website, she sent me a bunch of crafting books as a thank you.  I really wasn’t expecting this at all.  It didn’t take much pondering on what to do with the books, as I have a good friend, Jennifer, whom I work with that makes hand crafted jewelry.  I left it on her desk, which completely took her off-guard.

She asked me if they were on loan, and I said absolutely not–they’re yours.  I’m just paying it forward.  To MY surprise, she came back shortly afterwards and showed me a beaded handkerchief holder she made inspired by the books.  Then, she gave me a necklace and earring set to give to my girlfriend.

My girlfriend was graduating soon, and I needed a really good present to give to her.  It very well could have been the best gift I’ve ever given. 

I had never intended to receive anything back from the little trinket I sent Bethany’s friend in need, and almost feel bad because the rewards I received were almost far greater than what I have given.  I take consolation ib knowing Jennifer will take those books and expand her knowledge, thus creating some awesome jewelry for others to use.  And my girlfriend graduated with her Master’s degree in style.

Isn’t it funny how things work out?

*For more from Henry, check out his blog.*

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