Grateful for a lifetime

*Special thanks to my friend Erin Smith, soon-to-be Erin Jennings, for serving as today’s guest writer.*

Some dream of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
He asked me what kind of wedding I wished for,
I said one that would make me his wife…..

This is all that I want; there are no need for whistles or bells.  I don’t require a fancy dress or even a church. The only thing on my mind the last two days is that I want the love my now fiancée and I share together to be recognized by God and stitched together by vows that I know in my heart will never be broken. Some may say when they think of marriage that you are “tying yourself down,” but this is nowhere near how I feel. I could not be happier right now if someone bought me a llama (don’t laugh–it’s been a lifetime dream since childhood). Honestly though, what could feel better than finding someone who makes you a better person, who listens to your fears as they are their own and comforts you likewise? What could feel better than running around with no makeup on and having someone tell you that you’re more beautiful then than any other time? What could possibly make someone feel more “free” than knowing that they are loved simply for who they are and exactly how they are? I can’t think of one single thing.

Can you sense my excitement? I can! My face hurts from smiling (seriously). I feel so very lucky to have found such an amazing counterpart. Seeing that this is not a first marriage for either of us, I have already encountered a bit of speculation as to what makes this different from before…. EVERYTHING. I am nowhere near the same person I was three years ago, or for that matter ten years ago, and I am very proud of this fact. There have been so many things that I have learned in the last few years, and I am certain in saying the same goes for Josh. The biggest thing that both of us acknowledge is that God put us on the path to meeting, and if we continue to make Him a strong presence in our lives, than there is nothing that we can’t handle. Also we both know that trust and being open with each other is a BIG thing. When you are able to talk about anything like best friend, that takes so much pressure off the other person and opens a thousand doors to feeling secure and happy. I might have had to learn some of these things the hard way, but I am so very glad that I have used those experiences to mold myself into a much better person who understands finally what is important in life.

I am so grateful that I have made it to this place. I have never been more comfortable with who I am, and even though I am a continuous work in progress, I now have this amazing man by my side to cheer me on and to whom I hope I am the same bright light and inspiration too. Wow, what a great feeling!!!! What’s even better than the fact he and I are starting a new chapter to our lives together is that it is not just us. We both have the most wonderful children (together it will be three boys and one girl) and supportive families to go along with us. Our families have accepted our engagement with open hearts and arms. I get the feeling that they share equally in our excitement to start our lives together, and this is a major thing for everyone. I am so honored to be able to add a sister, mother, and father in-law to my family soon. These people have made me feel like I am exactly where I belong. I breathe a great sigh of happiness every time I think about it. Not only do I get the most amazing man as my husband, but I also get to inherit this fantastic group of people to add even more support and love to my life. I will get two new nieces as well…… seriously, just color me happy!!

Now I know and am fully aware that no relationship is all roses and butterflies, but with having all these building blocks in place, I also know I am well on my way to a very fulfilling second half of my life. Not only am I getting to marry the person who has quickly become my best friend and closest confidant, but I am getting to add a whole new and wonderful layer to my entire family. I am so grateful to be able to say all of this and mean it from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful for a love that cares nothing about the past, trust that will lead to a stronger future each day, and a faith that when things get hard I have someone who will hit their knees right next to me. Grateful?….. That just doesn’t seem strong enough a word.


2 thoughts on “Grateful for a lifetime

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  1. I agree–Erin and Josh are two great people who are genuinely seeking to follow God’s will for their lives and relationship, and I wish them nothing but the best!

  2. It is such a blessing when God leads us to the one he wants us to be married to…and that is only the beginning of the blessings!

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