Best Father’s Day yet

Today, I saw a picture on Facebook (re-posted by a friend) in honor of Father’s Day. The caption read something along the lines of, “Thanks for always being there for me, Dad.” The picture was of a baby, held up to a window, and on the other side of the glass was his father in prison.

This might have been funny to me, in a “That’s sad, but it’s still funny” kind of way, at other points in my life.

But with my dad sitting in a federal prison now himself, it seems to have lost its wit.

Roses I received from my dad in 2009 during a sober period

There will always be part of me that feels a bit cynical regarding Father’s Day, and other mushy references toward fathers, at least when I reflect on my own father. He wasn’t there for me, or for any of my eight siblings for that matter. He has an addiction, and he has been unable to find (or stay on) the road to recovery, unfortunately.

Me & my stepdad at my wedding, April 2012

Thankfully, though, God provided me with a great stepdad who provided for our family financially and created a sense of normalcy in our lives. In our younger years, he wasn’t as touchy-feely as he is now, since most men soften with age, but he has always been consistent, reliable, and responsible. He also probably appreciated my somewhat tomboyish nature since there were no little boys in our family, and he taught me some essential skills for life, like fishing, riding a bike, and belching with vigor.

This year on Father’s Day, I think my focus might be more easily shifted away from what I could choose to dwell upon, which would inevitably put a damper on the day. Since we’re expecting the arrival of our baby in November, this will be James’ first Father’s Day as a father himself.

James teaching our nephew how to make cookies

And what a father he is. He’s already planning and preparing for the arrival of our baby and working diligently to ensure that we have what we need to provide the best home possible. He is spiritually grounded, morally sound, and emotionally rock-solid.

Everything I have missed out on in my relationship with my father, our child will get back ten-fold, thanks to the best dad in the world. Our child will be able to say, and never doubt, “My dad is my hero.”

He’s mine, too.

3 thoughts on “Best Father’s Day yet

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  1. I am so excited for you and for your little one. He or she will be so loved and cared for, and Jimmy will be such a sweet father. He will be the kind of father who tells his son that it’s o.k. to cry and his daughter that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. I’m sorry you had a rough time with you father, Bethany. Your step-father seems like a nice man and he lucked out with you. Great post!

    1. You’re right, Lucy! He really will be a wonderful dad. And it’s interesting how God provides for us what we need, just often not in the original way intended. He’s a master at Plan B, C, D….

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