Surrounded by love

I’ve always believed that you can determine your true friends based on who surrounds you at your best and worst moments. Some friends are great at supporting me in a crisis; that’s wonderful, because I’ve certainly had some, and I need those people in my life. Others are exceptional at celebrating the good times with me, and I need them just as much because joy multiplies when it’s shared.

But the best friends, and the longest lasting friends I have, are those who’ve consistently supported and loved me through my ugliest moments and the most beautiful ones as well. Last night our friends Nancy and Jordan (along with some help from other great friends) threw us a belated wedding reception. The amount of work they put into the planning and decorating and cooking was overwhelming! Yet they took the task on gladly and did it all out of love for us and gave us the chance to share our joy with everyone who attended.

I hope I’ll be able to give back as much constant love and support to the people who’ve given it to me. I’m grateful for the chance to wake up today, say thank you, and return the favor to those around me.

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