Girly gratitude

Monday, we learned that we are having a baby girl in November. Both of us have been praying for a healthy baby, regardless of the sex. I will admit, though, that I’ve also thrown in a few “God, if you don’t mind, I’d kind of REALLY like to have a baby girl” prayers along the way. I know that I’d enjoy having a boy, too, though. I have thoroughly been enamored with and amused by all of my nephews.

Having experienced some of the joys of raising a daughter already with the blessing of my former stepdaughter, who’s still a huge part of my life, I am biased. I love girls. I love the emotional and sensitive nature most girls possess. I am drawn to lavender and other pastels. I look forward to watching my daughter grow and develop into her own person, whether she likes climbing trees, playing with dolls, or going hunting and fishing more. I can’t wait to answer all the “why’s” and build trust between us.

And in some ways, the blessing of having a baby girl feels like the most redemptive opportunity. Having missed out on a relationship with my biological father, and really only developing a close relationship with my stepfather as an adult, I am thrilled to know that my daughter will have the best father in the world from the very beginning. She will understand what a real man is, and she will have no doubts that her daddy would do anything for her. She will not stare blankly when preachers give sermons about God as our Father; she will think the analogy is perfect. She will never wonder if her father loves her or cares for her and will never seek the love of other men to fill emotional holes inside her. She will be loved.

My daughter already has the best life ever, along with one very grateful mom.


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