No quit in me

*Special thanks to guest writer Henry Petty for this wonderful post.*


Henry at Race for the Cure 2012
Henry at Race for the Cure 2012

I recently ran a 5k jingle bell run.  I was pacing myself really well, running then walking, walking then running, walking then walking, and running less and less.  I had passed a couple of people I knew were “health nuts,” and I overheard them say, “He runs at lunch, so he’s doing really well.”  This gave me the juice to push myself harder than I ever have.

Then I gassed out.

Around mile 2, the two people who had bragged about me around mile 1 surpassed me with ease, one even patting me on the back almost in an act of charity.  To make things worse, an elderly gentlemen with Santa hat and dress slippers speed walked right past me.  He was the guy I was now pacing with.

So I dug deep down inside to muster up my heart and soul to really get out there and push myself harder than I ever have.  I saw the seemingly never-ending incline on the bridge that connects to the Clinton Presidential Library.  I was booking it.

I passed the older gentlemen, and, within seconds, I passed the two “health nuts” who were walking and striking up a conversation with other runners.

I’ll take that victory.

I’m grateful for my inner drive, knowing that I can overcome anything with enough guts and determination.  There isn’t quit in me, and I’m grateful that inner strength hasn’t quit on me.

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