The Ghost of Christmas Disappointment

*Special thanks to Mary Agrusa for serving as today’s guest contributor. Check out Mary’s blog!*

“And be thankful…with gratitude in your hearts…”

                                                          Colossians 3:16

Mary Agrusa
Mary Agrusa

Genuine thankfulness and gratitude go hand in hand. I often struggle with these. I find it easier to focus on things that aren’t or didn’t work out as planned. Let me share with you my encounter with The Ghost of Christmas Disappointment.

I remember an incident from a Christmas over 50 years ago as if it was yesterday. We visited my grandmother a few days before The Big Event. As we left her apartment she presented each of us three children with a gift. Hers were always something special. On the ride home my sister, brother and I feverishly fingered our packages for clues to their contents. After much poking and prodding I had an alarming revelation. My present was a hanger!

I shared my discovery in a less than enthusiastic tone. My complaint wasn’t well received by my parents; something about needing to be grateful. My brother howled with laughter. My sister, sullen and silent realized she had suffered the same fate.

My worst fear was confirmed on Christmas morning. My brother, John, got a really cool Dick Tracy machine gun complete with sound effects. My sister Patty and I got fancy padded satin hangers. I felt so disappointed–no, make that cheated. What kind of gift is a hanger? My poor grandmother was probably perplexed at what to buy her two young granddaughters; she’d raised two boys. My mother tried her best to convince my sister and me that these were very special gifts, especially for hanging up our favorite dresses. “Bah humbug” was my silent response. They ranked right up there with socks and underwear.

I sent my grandmother the obligatory Thank You note and not one word I wrote contained an ounce of gratitude. I’m amazed that even now I can close my eyes and relive the whole event. When it comes to remembering things I should be grateful for, I can draw a blank quickly.

There is a group of people who drive me crazy. You’ve met them. Their smiles are permanently etched on their faces. Looking at the world through rose colored glasses, they find the best in any situation. They exude thankfulness and gratitude. I despise them. Why? I wish I was just like them. These people were hard-wired, straight from the factory with sunny, optimistic and thankful personalities. The workers must have been on break when I came through the line. Maintaining a thankful, grateful disposition requires concentrated effort on my part.

‘Tis the season for resolutions, changes to make to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. For me, this year, being thankful and grateful top the list. Who knows, this year may be the time to dispel the Ghost of Christmas Disappointment and morph into one of “those people”…not a bad idea.


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