Day 6–Plenty of love

*Special thanks to my friend and sister-in-law Jenny Wallace for sharing her thoughts today as part of our “28 days of love” project.*

Shelby's birthday and more 121When I look at my life and the things that are important to me, my children stand out the most.

I grew up in a wonderful family…great parents, a pain in the rear, yet very loving & protective brother, good friends… my life was full of wonderful people. I truly had a happy childhood. The only tears I remember crying for any reason other than scrapped knees, broken bones, or being placed in a figure 4 by my brother, was when I had to move away from my friends.039

Life didn’t really become difficult until after I finished college, started my career, and entered into marriage. This marriage lasted only 8 years. My heart was broken, my family torn apart, and my faith in everything but God was crushed.

Although this life-changing event was not how I planned for my life to go, it made my faith in God stronger. It made me realize that although my plans didn’t work out, that God’s plans would. He showed me how much He loves me and taught me how to adjust to a completely new lifestyle. And my family and friends were there for me just like they always said they would be.

And then there are my children. My best friends. My world. They made me realize that aside from God, they are all I need. They love me more than any man ever will. Waking up to their hugs and their smiles, getting smothered with kisses in a crowded restaurant, getting tackled by their multiple superhero personalities, every day I realize how grateful I am to have made the life choices that I have made. Every path I took led me to where I am today, and my happy little children are proof that I didn’t do so bad.

So when I think about love and gratitude, I think about my life and how I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the people in it. I am thankful for each and every person God put in my path and for the love he has blessed me with.

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