Day 9–A zoo story

*Today I’m grateful for my friend, singer/songwriter/musician/motivational speaker David LaMotte, who has agreed to share a post from his site with us. I met David when I was a college student. His music spoke to my heart, and I told him so.  Not many performers will take the time to eat McDonald’s breakfast with you at the White River, teach you how to pray Quaker-style, and listen patiently to part of your life’s story. David is just that kind of guy. He is full of love and light, and I’m grateful to know him.*

David LaMotte
David LaMotte

Please click on this link to read “A Zoo Story” by David LaMotte. If you’ve ever wondered what matters most to the people who love you, this post might provide an answer.

For more about David LaMotte, visit his website for booking information, tour dates, and music.



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