Day 26–Expect good things

*Thanks to my friend and former fellow volunteer, LaTresha Woodruff, for serving as today’s guest contributor. LaTresha wrote this piece for her co-workers on her two-year anniversary at her current job as a public information officer for a local police department. Hope we will all learn to expect good things in our lives, just like LaTresha!*

GOOD MORNING!!!!  HAPPY THURSDAY.  Hope last night went well and that you are expecting good things today.  Patrol worked very diligently last night as they do each night to keep you safe.  Continue to support the men and women who protect and serve us each day.

Please allow me to tell you all a little story.  I wake up each morning and tell myself and those around me to “expect good things” and I often tell you guys.  I just believe a great attitude of expectancy lends itself to a great day.  If “not so good” things happen, with your great attitude you are able to overcome them.  Well this morning I woke up and told myself and my running buddies to “expect good things.”

latreshaWhile getting dressed I was just bound and determined to wear a flower, I had no idea why, since I don’t do it often; last time it was for a church event.  But I listened to that voice and wore my flower.  I got to work and a co-worker in my morning inspiration group asked,”What’s today?  January 31st?” and I answered, “Yes, oh my gosh, this is my 2 year anniversary with the Police Department!”  He said, “and you have made a great impact.”  I proceeded to recite something I say to people all the time, especially those who start to get anxious about their jobs and may have low morale… “Bloom where you are planted right now.”

Then it hit me!!!!  I wore the flower unknowingly because of my anniversary, and I believe that I have been able to bloom where I am planted.  I love working here at CPD, and I put everything into my work and will continue to come up with better ways, new ideas to get this wonderful department, it’s officers and programs more grounded in the community; after all that’s why CPD is here, to protect and serve you.  So on my 2nd year anniversary, I pledge to do all I can for the department and this community.  Thanks for welcoming me 2 years ago and for the support you give to me and this department!  I look forward to many more anniversaries.


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  1. Wow! It’s always amazing to go back and read something you wrote from the heart! I want readers to know that the little voice I referred to is not little at all, it was the voice of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. That was written on my work Facebook page and with that whole separation of church and state I didn’t say that. But make no mistake about it, it was God! He brought me to this place. And if Bethany allows me back, I will tell you the story of how I was still and knew He was GOD and stepped out on faith to make a life changing decision. Thanks again Bethany, I enjoy your blog, seeing how GOD has worked in your life warms my soul. GOD is good all the time. Expect Good Things!

    1. I hope you will write more and tell the whole story. That would be awesome! And I know it is what drives you and gives you such gratitude so I know other people would want to read about it. And thanks, I am loving seeing God work in my life, too :). He is awesome.

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