Gratitude–the little things DO count!

*Today’s post was written by someone I love dearly who prefers to remain anonymous. She is the person who helped me kick the habit of an ungrateful attitude and instilled in me the importance of choosing gratitude daily.*

The first flower I saw this spring. Just one little thing to give thanks for!
The first flower I saw this spring. Just one little thing to give thanks for!

By focusing on and compiling a list of the things that you are grateful for in your life, you actually accomplish a few extremely effective things at the same time.

1. It allows you to bring into your awareness the good things that are happening in your life on a day-to-day basis. With repetition, this will take your focus off of what you perceive as the negative aspects of any situation. It will help develop the habit of always looking for the positives amidst the negatives that happen in your life.

2. By shifting the focus off of only the negative aspects of a situation, you are able to see more clearly the positive things that can come out of the situation. In turn, this puts you into more of a vibrational state that attracts the things you desire.

3. While you are doing this procedure, it is automatically rewriting the negative script you have allowed to be placed in your subconscious and replacing it with positive and productive scripting that delivers more positive and productive outcomes.

Gratitude opens the heart, and that’s why it provides a fine orientation to the inanimate, human, and divine dimensions of the world.

A simple and effective way to practice gratitude is by making giving thanks part of your everyday life. It’s like reciting blessings daily.

The original term for blessing is the word “knee.” When you say a blessing, it’s as if you have bent your knee in an act of gratitude. The habit of saying blessings can remind you to be thankful when you hit a green light, or the salad is fresh, or the garden is getting the rain it needs, or your child came home safely from school as usual.

The practice of gratitude might slowly but insistently change your orientation to the world and your life. Why not try it and see?


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