Happy Mother’s Day to me!

*Thanks to my friend Betty Gail Jones for sharing today’s post. Happy Mother’s Day, BG!*

Betty Gail letterThis is part of a note from my youngest daughter left in my Mother’s Day gift, a book, two years ago. She and her family were wrapping up plans for a move overseas at the time. It had been several years since we had shared Mother’s Day together, and at that point, it looked like we wouldn’t share many more, if any. This book is a part of a small collection of special books now, which I treasure – mostly because of the note it contains.

When I read the note, it touched me deeply. I became starkly aware of the momentous day that we were sharing and also that those were precious moments.

I remember, as a child, spending Mother’s Day with my mother. Daddy grew beautiful red climbing roses. He would pick each of us one that was in full bloom to wear to church representing our mother. He would pick a couple to make a corsage for my mother because her mother was still living at that time, to honor her. White roses would be worn on the shoulders of the women in our church in memory of their deceased mothers. At the morning worship service, all mothers were honored. They would stand, and we would all call them blessed. There was usually an award presented to the mother with the most children and the newest mother and other recognitions for mothering, as well. I have been so blessed to spend many Mother’s Day moments with my own mother.  She is now 88 years old, and I treasure the time even more.

My oldest daughter and I were talking on the phone about Mother’s Day recently. I guess I’d gotten used to the reality that with her husband in the ministry and Mother’s Day always being on Sunday, this is one tradition which we could not share very often. Indeed, she mentioned that she didn’t remember the last one we had shared together.

I love God surprises! And this year, I am getting another one! I will be spending Mother’s Day with my own mother and BOTH of my daughters, as well as their husbands (whom I count as my children) and my five beautiful grandchildren!

Because of our busy lives in ministry, we have chosen to not put a premium on special days by creating the tradition of sharing those specific days together. It is understood that “the day” will not be our focus, but that we will celebrate as God brings us together as a family whenever we can work it out. Our time together is limited but cherished. We have no regrets and don’t waste one minute bemoaning the fact that it is fleeting.

That we will actually be enjoying Mother’s Day together on Mother’s Day is “icing on the cake,” and I am so grateful.

This year, Mother’s Day 2013, we also get to introduce two new family members to each other. Both of my daughters became mothers again in January just eight days apart. As a bonus, our only little granddaughter will be dedicated to God during our family worship service at our church, and everyone will be present.

Yes, indeed… my heart is full and overflowing with joy and anticipation!  Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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