The rainbow jar

*Thanks to our anonymous contributor for sharing this great idea on how to improve our attitudes with more gratitude.*

???????????????????????????????Take a clear jar or plastic container, and every time you see evidence of God working in your life (which He promises to do for those of us who believe in Him), place a brightly colored marble in the jar.

Place the jar in a window where the light of the sun can produce rays through the marbles.

This is your personal “miracle jar” or “rainbow jar” which will show you just how much God is working in your life. Big marbles can be added for big blessings. You’ll always have a visible record of how much God is loving you.

On those dark days when you don’t “feel” that God is working in your life, or that He cares for you, LOOK AT YOUR RAINBOW JAR and you’ll see that those feelings aren’t facts at all–you are much loved.

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