It’s all God

*Special thanks to my friend Debra Dickey for serving as today’s guest contributor!*

Every image, every application, every petition that is granted, every prayer that is answered, it’s all God.  Every beautiful flower, every new kitten, every cake that rises, it’s all God.  Every musical note, every laugh, every talent, every shade of color, every blade of grass, every surprise of wonder, it’s all God.  Every drop of rain, every new plant, every field that is plowed, it’s all God.

Every hug, every ounce of love, every tear that falls, every knowledge on earth, it’s all God.  Every child, every person, every gift, every joy, every challenge, it’s all God.  Every blessing, every harvest, every snowfall, every successful endeavor, every lesson learned, it’s all God.  Every thoughtful gesture, every kind word, every safe passing, every road traveled, every insight, it’s all God.  Everything that matters, every opportunity for good, everything that creates a miracle, everything that happens, it’s all God.  Everything is God.  Every communication, every prayer, every meditation, every devotion, it’s all God.

For a while now, my children and I have faced challenges that have been and continue to be initiated by situations in every way beyond our control.  I have been at the business of prayer for many, many months and many, many years seeking answers, guidance, healing, and miracles.  Just recently I sat in a doctor’s office praying lengthily for a definitive outcome regarding a test that my son was having.  That prayer was answered, positively, and with good care and advice for the next steps.  I was overjoyed, elated, and grateful, sending praise and hallelujahs to the One whom my faith is directed towards that makes miracles happen.   To myself I thought, “At last, finally, one burden that I can lay down.”  It is all God.

Just two days later my daughter called with a daunting, urgent issue that needed to be resolved, and requested my assistance in working through the questions, considering appropriate and advantageous options, navigating a process new to her but which I had experience and connections with regard to, and then making the arrangements and following up to help her successfully accomplish what needed to be done.

Well _2To my own discredit, my initial reaction when I received that call was, “Oh my word, I’ve just prayed for and received a monumental blessing and divine miracle for which I am SO eternally grateful — How many times can I keep coming back and dipping in this well????”  Seriously, God, just moments ago You answered my humble prayers and bestowed Your Mighty blessing upon us . . . . and here I am, AGAIN… making another petition, asking for another favor, seeking Your authorship and benevolence for yet another problem!!”   This surely can’t be real.  My heart melts like wax, my emotions swoon within me.  How much can I ask of you, O God?   I am fearful, but I hold up my shield of faith, approach His Throne of Grace, offer my prayer, ask for God’s Omnipotence and Omniscience, beseech Care, Guidance, and Wisdom from Jesus Christ my Lord, and call upon His Holy Spirit to fill the space with Presence.   He made it happen.  More praise and hallelujahs!!  My heart overflows because of His Goodness.  I am humbled by His Greatness, and my soul cannot comprehend the depths of His Love.  There are not enough words in any language to fully praise Him.  Another worry allayed.  Thank you!  It’s all God!

As per the seeming dictums of my life, yesterday my son came to me to discuss yet another genuine concern that might be heading his direction.  I will take it to God.  Always and inevitably more.  This is my life — apprehensive; embroiled and entrenched, seemingly without an endpoint…..continual hurdles, inveterate mountains – and so necessarily absolute with me, embedded in incomparable prayer without ceasing.  It’s not that I don’t believe that my God is big enough, it’s just that there appears to be much before me of inordinate measure, and I don’t ever want to use up all of my favors with Him – the Source of All Living Waters.

The comfort flows plentifully and constantly as a river; strong as a stream to bear down the opposition of doubts and fears. The Spirit dwelling and working in believers, is as a fountain of living, running water, out of which plentiful streams flow,”  []  Amen.

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