Doubly domestic

*Today’s guest contributor is my friend and former college suitemate, Heather Smith. Heather is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to pave her own way in the risky world of business. It’s been a joy to watch her develop her business skill set. I remember encouraging her to take her handmade eyeglass holders to my friend Velvet’s eyeglass shop to sell them way back before the turn of the century :). I’m thankful we’ve kept in touch, and I’m thankful for business owners like Heather who make a difference by being honest, hard-working, and generous.*

Heather, owner of Domestic Domestic
Heather, owner of Domestic Domestic

Being a small business owner is a life of gratitude.

I love my job. I basically shop for a living.

Customer service is a personality trait. The relationships I have the opportunity to foster aren’t possible in most professions. And specifically with Domestic Domestic, which only sells American made goods, I can see first hand the difference a conscientious shopper has on a small company or craftsman.

Every day I am grateful for customers who choose to essentially vote for the country they want to live in with their shopping dollars.

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