Being all that I can be

Today’s guest blog post is written by my great friend Debra Dickey. I’m always thankful for her thoughtful reflections and beautiful contributions to my blog. Debra is definitely more than enough, and I’m thankful she’s in my life. 

In my prime, there was no limit to how much I could take on and accomplish – I was raw energy and adrenaline in motion.   If you grew up at my house, everybody had responsibilities, and we started early!  There was a lot to be done, so our days ran from early morning to late, or into, the night.  I enjoyed it!  Tired, pshaw.  I‘ve always been a consummate  ‘accomplisher’, so I stuck with it until the job was done.  Now….not so

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

There was value placed on hard work and doing what you saw that needed to be done, therefore, there was a sense of pride connected to accomplishing as much as you were capable of on any given day!  It felt like “down time” was ‘time not well-spent’.  I used to believe that if I wasn’t actively doing something productive at all times, that I was performing below par, that I was less than I could be.  Now….not so much.

From early on, my space of choice to be was outside.  I loved doing whatever called me to the out-of-doors — I’ve hoed beans, hauled hay, driven tractor, tended animals, (yes, milked cows!) shoveled feed lots, run the lawnmower, gardened  . . . you name it, I did it! And it was great!   Manage a busy office?  Plan a big get-together?  All at the same time!  No problem!  I’m very good at it.  Work two jobs, four jobs?  Why not!  Used to be so much fun sluicing from one crazy busy thing to another!!  Now…. not so much.

Little by little, my service to the world has begun to narrow as natural physiology and temporal physicality hands down imperatives to ‘stop’!  Although I still crave  that ‘rush’ of accomplishment that comes from having so many things on my plate, and competently juggling them all to successful completion, my physical limitations now intrude much too quickly, and as such, my day-to-day to-do lists have become much more calculated in priority. So how can I be all that I am supposed to be????

  1. 1. I’ve determined that ‘down time’ is nothing to feel guilty about. It’s inescapable, so I wrestle with it much less than I used to.
  2. I’ve acknowledged that I am in control of nothing, therefore I do the best that I can with the tasks that God has assigned me, then pray wholeheartedly about the things that are not mine to handle.
  3. If it concerns family, there is no question or hesitation. I’ll be there, or, you are welcome here.
  4. I treat people with respect and consideration; everyone has dignity, and it is important to recognize the contributions of others.
  5. I praise God every day for the extraordinary children He has given me, and pray for them every day. We did a good job. Family and friends are on that prayer and praise list too.
  6. I try to honor and glorify Him in everything I do, pray to seek His will, acknowledge His many blessings with exultation, and trust in Him for all things.
  7. By the grace of God, I endeavor to give my best every day, in every way, and for everybody.

Yes, perhaps my house is a bit dusty, and often my yard is probably too ragged, but maybe, just maybe, I am the person that God wants me to be for now, ‘planted’ exactly where He needs me to be, and I am doing just what God wants me to do today.   And isn’t that the very best that anyone can hope for . . . . . in this moment, assuredly being all that I can be, now    …. a whale of so much!

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