Is it too hard to find bright spots in 2020?

Have you noticed that this year, fewer people are sharing gratitude lists on social media? Normally, our feeds are swamped this time of year, right? Everyone participates in 30-day gratitude challenges. People post photos of things they’re most thankful for. We know the hubbub will not last, but the November rush is nice.

Not this year.


Is 2020 so hard, so tough we can’t see the good anymore? Perhaps. I have never seen so many jokes, memes, parodies, and sarcastic comments about how horrible this year has been. I get it. Lots of natural disasters all over the world. A horrid pandemic that’s far from over. Parents trying to figure out how to manage work while often teaching kids at home for the first time. Kids missing friends and normal social life. BLM protests gone wild. Police officers who were once seen as noble heroes now spat upon and demonized. An election that tore us apart.

We’re just ready to fast forward to Christmas. We want a party. We want joy. Or we want stuff! Or we want to give and forget about what we’ve lost this year. Bypassing pain and discomfort is a common desire. But it doesn’t work. The pain, discomfort, and misery are still there; it’s best if we deal head on.

Whatever the reason for bypassing the practice of pausing and finding time to be thankful, I would encourage you to pause. Consider the value of practicing gratitude. If you give it a chance for a few weeks, you will notice its benefits in your life. Others will, too.

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