Mama Meditations coming in January 2021

I am so excited to announce to all GratitudeCup readers and followers that my new devotional book and gratitude journal for moms, Mama Meditations: Volume I, will be published in January 2021.

Mama Meditations contains 60 entries, each followed by a brief prayer and Bible verse, as well as space prompting readers to reflect and journal about their own journeys through motherhood, building a gratitude habit along the way.

2020 has certainly proven a challenge for all of us in multiple ways, especially as parents. I chose to homeschool my daughter–that was new and different for us. Even though I believed it was best at the time, that doesn’t mean it was easy, and that doesn’t mean either of us liked it all the time either. I learned how to extend more grace and mercy than ever before. And you know what? I learned how to have more fun than ever before! We played outside more often, brought our basset hound/beagle indoors more often, and cuddled more often than ever before. This semester reminded me of a maxim I knew to be true but often have difficulty implementing: Time enjoyed is not time wasted.

I hope you’ll move into 2021 with me, with a copy of my new book in hand as soon as it becomes available for purchase, determined to pursue greater joy, deepen your habit of gratitude, and extend compassion and mercy to others–including your children.

May God bless you this Christmas season.

Time enjoyed
is not time wasted.

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