Gratitude Cup podcast

For years, GratitudeCup blog followers/readers have told me I should start a podcast.

I resisted. Writing is my thing, I insisted. Not talking.

Well, sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. It was today after a Zoom-based interview with one of my long-time friends and former colleagues went awry thanks to a faulty internet connection. I had hoped to upload the video recording of our interview to my YouTube channel, sharing an important announcement about allocating proceeds from my new book, Mama Meditations, to support women in need of addiction recovery treatment at Natural State Recovery Centers founded and managed by my friend, Christopher Dickie. $1 from the sale of each paperback edition of my book will be donated to a discretionary fund at NSRC to meet needs of women in treatment.

However, the video file was sluggish. Thankfully, though, the audio file held together quite well. I decided to pursue creating a podcast hastily… without giving it a second thought, honestly, so here we are!

I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about NSRC’s work in central Arkansas and beyond to improve the lives of people struggling with substance abuse and addiction. I know you’ll be excited to hear how Chris and I are partnering to serve women in treatment and recovery. I also hope you will reach out to Chris and his team at NSRC if you would like to make a donation, establish a scholarship in someone’s memory or honor, or seek treatment options for yourself or a loved one.

Please enjoy this podcast session with Chris Dickie and share it with those you love who might benefit from listening, too.

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