Filling the God Love Space

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Right… I’m pretty familiar with that old tune. And I’ve certainly been there, done that. Lots. #IYKYK.

While sudsing up and tackling a sinkful of dishes a few days ago, I contemplated this age-old dilemma. Why do we, as humans, seek human love so voraciously? Not just human love… inappropriate affection, passion, desire, sex, intimacy, emotional bonds, connection… all of it. What are we so hungry for, and why are we willing to go to any lengths to get it?

And I mean any lengths… if you knew all the things I’ve done trying to get these things… you’d probably disown me as a friend or family member, and you’d certainly stop reading my writing. Trust me. When Paul talks about being the worst of sinners in the New Testament, I relate. Big time.

Why did I do those things? Because I was trying to fill a God Love Space. We all have one. This space can only be filled fully and accurately with God’s love. We either don’t know that or don’t want to accept that, so we strive to fill it with all kinds of other stuff. Human love and affection. Sex. Porn. Drugs/alcohol. Social media attention. Friendship. Emotional intimacy. Workaholism. Food. Excessive exercise and idolatry of the human body. Whatever… we just need to FILL IT UP.

While contemplating the God Love Space dilemma and seeking spiritual solutions, I yammered for seven minutes and created this podcast episode.

I hope you’ll listen, share, and comment. Tell me about how you relate. Ask for prayer if you need it. Share something you’re grateful for related to your own spiritual journey.

Spoiler alert: there is a solution. And it’s simple, but not easy. And I know this won’t surprise you…. but it’s spiritual, and it involves gratitude.

Thank God I found it.

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