February 2022: Love covers us

Tomorrow kicks off the month of February. You know, the love month.

The month when the sugar-coated Hallmark movies, teddy bears, roses, and chocolate hearts overwhelm even the most sentimental. The month when those who are single stock up on 50% off chocolate on February 15. The month when lovebirds coo at one another even more loudly than usual.

That month. It’s here.

I jest, but seriously, we’re celebrating love at Gratitude Cup. Not just erotic love and romantic love. Love with multiple objects. Love which runs deep like a river. Love from God.

I hope you’ve found the Greatest Love of All in Jesus Christ. Let me tell you: I spent years trying to fill my God space with love, affection, attention, admiration, and romance from humans.

If you’re in that spot, I have to share a secret… it won’t work. You’re welcome to try this route to finding love and filling the void if you like, for as long as you like, but I need to be straight with you. You’ll come up empty.

Human love and love on this earth can be a nice reflection of God’s love, but it will never match it.

Please don’t be discouraged by this. This is Good News. For absolutely free, you can find Real Love. All you have to do is accept that Jesus Christ loves you, died to cover all your sins and mistakes, and was resurrected afterward. He’s literally available to talk to all day, all night, no matter what your circumstances. He has given everything for us and to us. He doesn’t discriminate.

During the month of February, several guest writers will share love stories with readers here. The topics will vary, but I urge you to read each story and ask yourself, “How do I see God’s love here? How can this urge me to love the Lord and love others well?”

May this February serve as a catalyst to connect you to Christ.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8

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