Raising a miracle

Do you have friends whose children have special needs? Most of us do.

Or maybe you’re parenting a child with special needs yourself. Many are.

My friend and colleague Matt Krumrie wrote this blog post about raising his miracle daughter, Kassy. I read it this morning and felt convicted of my own failure to care and pray often for them and for others in similar shoes.

Also I felt very encouraged to keep my own perspective on track. Too often we are weighed down with day-to-day life and have tunnel vision. We cannot see the blessings, and we walk around completely disgruntled. It might be hard to believe that a gratitude-obsessed writer could find herself grumpy and disgruntled, but hey, I’m human, too.

If I don’t stay close to God, I fall into the same trap Matt describes in this post… I become one of those people griping about traffic, complaining about the weather, or feeling dissatisfied because my vacation home wasn’t as comfortable as I hoped. Dear God, PLEASE help me check myself!

I hope reading Matt’s post will motivate you to practice gratitude, to pray for him and his family, and to consider how you’re treating families with special needs children who you encounter regularly. And if you’re raising a child like Kassy, I hope hearing his experience and lessons learned will motivate you to keep going.

Because you’re raising miracles.

Read Matt’s post here: https://medium.com/@krumriematt/to-our-daughter-on-her-18th-birthday-the-amazing-kassy-481d881aec02

Follow Matt on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattkrumrie/

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