About “Gratitude cup”

My mentor once suggested I write a daily gratitude list with three completely unique items in order to improve my rather cynical, judgmental, and cranky attitude.

It worked. After more than 1,000 consecutive days of submitting gratitude lists via email to my mentor, I noticed my focus began shifting from problems to solutions. I spent less time feeling sorry for myself and more time giving thanks for blessings, saying prayers for others in need, and finding ways to serve and help. Gratitude became a way of life, not just a list-making assignment. By taking an outside-in approach, I evolved into a human being I liked.

I created the Facebook Page “GratitudeCup” to prompt myself and others to share blessings. I drink coffee every single morning. Many of us do. Why not ensure we fuel ourselves with gratitude, too, and not just caffeine? Reflecting on blessings, ways God moves in our lives, and then paying it forward brings about positive changes in our lives and the lives of others.

I created this blog to supplement the Facebook Page to inspire others who desperately desire to focus on great things in life–the things we have to be grateful for–and to give thanks to God and those who give us good things. I often feature guest writers in addition to writing my own posts. Maintaining this blog helps me practice gratitude in my own life.

If you like my blog, check out my Gratitude Cup podcast, too (available on six platforms). And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest.

I have also published three books for moms: Mama Meditations: Devotional Book & Gratitude Journal for Moms, Volume I and Volume II and the Collection as well. If you’re a mom trying to develop your own gratitude practice and nurture your relationship with God, you will love these books. Share them with moms you love!

I hope following my blog helps you incorporate gratitude into your life. Go fill your own cup.

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  1. Dear Bethany,
    The community you have built around gratefulness is incredible so give more than presents this holiday season, share the gift of caring with those who matter to you most!

    With the holidays around the corner, the USC School of Social Work believes that there is no better time to encourage random acts of kindness. The simple act of telling someone why they matter could have a bigger impact than you know. For that reason, you’re invited to participate in You Matter, a grassroots campaign designed to foster well-being and bring back some much-needed human connection. We are on a mission to spread as much positivity as possible, and we hope that you’ll join us!

    There are four easy steps to participate in #YouMatter:
    1) Download a Care Card from the MSW@USC blog (msw.usc.edu/mswusc-blog/you-matter/).
    2) Write a message with someone in mind.
    3) Snap a picture of your card and share on social media using the hashtag #youmatter and tag us @youmatterbc to inspire others.
    4) Give the Care Card to someone and make that person’s day!

    There’s never a better time than now to show others that that they matter in this world. If you love this campaign as much as we do, we ask that you please pay it forward by featuring #YouMatter on your blog.

    Wishing you a wonderful and safe holiday season,
    Gaby Acosta

    1. Thanks Toi! I really appreciate the nomination. And thanks for being willing to write for the blog. I already look forward to reading what you will write next.

  2. I just read what Gloria wrote for your site. She was a wonderful student and I am humbled and blessed that she seems to be walking in the present moment

  3. Lovely to meet you here Bethany. I did not know about your page but gratitude has taken me a long way from a less happier time. Looking forward to reading some more.

    1. Ailialana, thank you! I don’t know why I am just now seeing your comment. I appreciate your words and great to know there’s a kindred spirit who has found the habit of gratitude helpful, too.

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