More of a listener than a reader? Cool. Gratitude Cup the Podcast with Bethany Wallace is just for you.

If you’re not usually into podcasts, but you like the GratitudeCup blog, give my podcast a go.

The content is similar but not identical. I don’t just convert blog posts into podcasts and vice versa. None of that here. The content on each platform is unique. #yourewelcome

Every two weeks or so, I publish a new episode. Most episodes are between 5 to 10 minutes long, more like tidbits or nuggets than monologues. Great sound bytes to play when you’re fixing your hair, waking up with a fabulous cup of coffee, or frying eggs in the morning.

I hope you’ll subscribe, listen, and share with your friends who need gratitude tips, positivity boosts, spiritual lifts, and encouragement. That’s what the podcast is all about–just like my blog.

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