Dear Daniel

*Today's letter is written by fellow blogger and writer Mary Agrusa. Thank you, Mary, for your willingness to share your gifts with the world!* Dear Daniel, From the first time Mikael demurely admitted she was seeing someone, her tone of voice told me you were special. For the longest time she tantalized me with this... Continue Reading →

Day 21: A look back

*Thanks to my friend Brandon Davidson for serving as the guest writer for Day 21  of the Dear Gratitude project. His post is guaranteed to make you laugh. It will probably cause you to pause and give thanks for all the people and circumstances that brought you where you are in your own life, too.*... Continue Reading →

Day 18–True love

*Big thanks to Betty Gail Jones for sharing her parents' true love story with us today on Day 18 of our 28 days of love project. She's living out her own true love story today with her husband, Mickey, and their love is inspirational to all of us who know them.* The war was in... Continue Reading →

Grateful for a lifetime

*Special thanks to my friend Erin Smith, soon-to-be Erin Jennings, for serving as today's guest writer.* Some dream of a wedding of elaborate elegance, A church filled with family and friends. He asked me what kind of wedding I wished for, I said one that would make me his wife..... This is all that I want; there are no... Continue Reading →

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