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Between who you are and who you could be

Thank you, Henry Petty, for stepping in as today’s guest writer. You are a lifesaver! One of my favorite songs by Switchfoot is entitled, “Dare You To Move.” My favorite line in the song is: The tension is here Between who you are and… Continue Reading “Between who you are and who you could be”

Brave enough

Special thanks to my friend and former co-worker Jonathan Weigt for serving as today’s guest writer. So at 5:30 tonight, I was hungry and decided to go to Wendy’s on Broadway for a bite before a late meeting. I had been at school all… Continue Reading “Brave enough”

Happy Presidents’ Day?

It might be because today we’re celebrating President’s Day. Or it could be due to me watching two history channel documentaries on World War II  last night. It might be because I just saw a friend on Facebook post concern and a request for… Continue Reading “Happy Presidents’ Day?”

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