Sometimes all the blueberries cover the floor of my kitchen, too. So grateful for this reminder from a fellow blogger.

Let's Recover Together

There I was putting groceries away, after having a rather crappy day. I was not in the mood for surprises of ANY kind, not even if Bruce Springsteen showed up at my door on a motorcycle and asked me to go for a ride. Seriously, I’d be bummed, but I’d say, “Bruce, that’s sooo sweet of you, but could you come back tomorrow …. I’m having a crappy day”. So, there I was riding the roller coaster of life in recovery from codependency, on a definite downward slope. Apparently, my tired brain was taking a snoozer and my tired hands dropped the blueberries I was putting away. 2 quarts. TWO QUARTS. They roll quite nicely – did you know? All over, in every direction possible – North, South, East, West and every where in between. I wanted to cry, so I did. I let myself cry. I felt it, I…

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