Found it!

*Thank you, Debra Dickey, for another cat tale!*

This is a tongue-in-cheek rejoinder to an answered prayer….  Thanks God. . . . . juuust what I needed. . . . .

My cat sagas are in full swing again.

Gray kittenIf you have followed my cat tale posts, you will have an idea of what I’m up against, and where this is going.  I have six new kitties at my house now, probably one month old.  Knowing their penchant for disastrous reckonings, much time and energy has been expended to do head counts, and watch out for them in a concerted effort to keep them safe from flood waters, cars, tires and motors, etc.

Unfortunately, they must be little furry greased eels, because even with all that, they get ahead of even my best determinations, disturbingly bent on committing hari-kari, despite every precaution and stopgap I put in place!

After arriving home from work this particular day, I went outside to begin my chores, looked around and saw a tiny little head peeking out atop my car tire —-aaaarrrggghhhh.

I immediately got him down and shooed him back to the porch, noting that I would check my car when I finished, then park it away from the house for safety.  Returning shortly, I did just that, checked under the hood, the tires, underneath, all of it, then s-l-o-w-l-y backed out.  I heard a meowlp!, slammed on the brakes, and saw one scurrying away.  I hurried to check on it – not sure if it has injuries, maybe — so after cuddling it for a bit in anguish (mine), I created a cozy hidden bed with an added tarpaulin for protection from the elements, and placed him inside, checking on him numerous times, praying unceasingly for God’s watch- care and safe-keeping over him and for deliverance from any possibly mortal injuries to his little being. Parked the car FAR away and didn’t sleep very well.

Upon awaking, and dreading the worst, I pulled back the tarp with plans to feed him if necessary, and found to my delight, that his siblings were all nestled inside with him, all of them apparently being well-taken care of by the mom.  That’s a very good sign.  But wait, there is one missing . . .  oh dear, where can that one be?  Numerous possibilities, looked in the most obvious places, no sign of it, well, the mom is in charge, and it will probably be there by afternoon, as has happened many times already!  Still, I wonder where it can be?

Finish getting ready for work, go to my car, which is as you will remember, parked WAY out by the road, check under the hood, check the tires, check underneath, slowly drive away, stop to listen for kitties, slowly drive further, stop to listen for kitties, nothing, drive to work.  Praying, “God, please take care of the kitties for me today.”  “I still wonder where that one little gray one is?”  Park in the parking lot at work, turn off the car, and hear . . . . . ‘MEOW, MEOW, MEOW!!’    Aaaahhhhh….  Thank you . . . . I found it!

So today, I am sitting in my office with a little gray kitten in a box beside my desk.  Found makeshift food and a makeshift litter box to accommodate him as best I can.  It’s only 11:00 o’clock – it’s going to be a long day, for both of us . . . . . .

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