5 Ways to relish spring

Are you genuinely enjoying this spring? Spending time outdoors (unless it’s raining), breathing in the fresh air, taking walks, picking or planting flowers, planning your garden, taking a drive with the windows down?

If not, and you’re able, seize the day! Spring flies by every year. Let’s enjoy it wholeheartedly while we can and reap the benefits from reflecting on all the new life and evidence of rebirth in our presence.

Here are a few things I do to find beauty, practice gratitude, and appreciate God’s perfect creation each spring. Maybe one of these will help you put a little spring in your step this spring.

  1. Embark on a spring scavenger hunt with your family or friends. There are endless Pinterest infographics you can use as helpful guides, or you can create your own. This can be as simple as gathering 5 beautiful, tiny bits of Creation and attaching them to a piece of masking tape wrapped around your wrist. Or you can divide into pairs and search for specific items, having fun with a little healthy competition.

2. Celebrate new life, rebirth, and resurrection. Celebrate EASTER! Don’t just pack chocolate bunnies into Easter baskets this year. Really get into the vibe weeks prior to the holiday. Read a great devotional with your kids like The Way to the Savior by Jeff and Abbey Land. Practice Lent (it’s okay to get on board for the last two weeks–nobody’s judging you!). Find a cross (or make one) to create a meaningful centerpiece on your dining table. Share your faith in Jesus Christ with someone you love. Genuinely focus on what matters–WHO matters–this Easter. You’ll find that the holiday takes on a richer meaning, and you will grow in appreciation of the gift of eternal life.

3. Plant something. Anything! If your thumbs are black, like mine, stick to potted flowers or herbs. There’s something about digging in soil which makes me feel alive. Maybe it will inspire you, too.

4. Choose something beautiful in your yard, the woods, or your local park to focus on. Take a photo of it. Sit next to it and observe its beauty. While you watch it, thank God for creating it. Ask God to show you what you need to see and to teach you what you need to learn through observing this piece of creation. Jot down your reflections in your journal.

5. Create a daily gratitude list each day in spring with 2-3 items on your list. Be sure at least one of the items relates to springtime and the joy you find in the season.

If you apply one of these suggestions this spring, will you please contact me to tell me about your experiences? I love nothing more than hearing from people who find my writing to be helpful or encouraging.

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